Central Otago is situated on the 45th Parallel South. 45 degrees North and viagra softtabs overnight 45 degrees South are two very different worlds.

Over 100 million people live between 44 and 46 degrees North and is heavily industrialised, however less than 400,000 live in the southern strip. This reflects an absence of generic cialis pharmaceutical manufacturer2c oklahoma pollution and disease presssure.

Central Otago provides specific climatic and geographic requirements essential to making quality wines, one of these being a clean, unpolluted atmosphere.

Situated in the lower South Island, Central Otago is relatively isolated. We believe that the natural health of our vines is a reflection of this.

There is no vineyard in Central Otago within 200 kms of a traffic light.

Central Otago is one of the worlds most scenic regions and encompasses the popular tourist towns of Queenstown and Wanaka.

It is renowned for its rugged landscape and spectacular scenic beauty. Central Otago has also generated a reputation for producing world class wines, particularly pinot noir.

Site Selection

The Lamont vineyard site search took 18 months and placed a heavy weighting on the above climatic characteristics and viagra buy uk amsterdam soil analysis. This search led us to viagra pharmacy london the Lamont block in Bendigo, Central Otago.

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