Pinot noir in particular has specific climatic and online ritalin viagra paypal geographic requirements;

  • A narrow range of viagra find online pages edinburgh free heat summation
    (1150 to 1300 GDD)
  • Large diurnal temperature shifts
    Hot days and cool nights assist development of flavour complexity (a recent February day recorded a 33 degree C max and a 3 degree minimum.
  • A long cool dry autumn
    A microclimate that brings fruit to viagra tablet ripeness then cools off and allows fruit to hang brings depth to the wine. Pinot Noir is also very susceptible to botrytis, so low rainfall and low humidity in autumn is a major advantage.
  • A clay based yet draining soil
    Clay soils interspersed with depths of gravels give the generic generic cialis pills cod roots access to good minerality and low organic matter without getting water logged.
  • A clean environment
    45 degrees North and 45 degrees South are very different worlds:

In the temperate zones, global winds flow West to East around the planet. In the North that takes them through heavy industrial zones. In the South there is only Patagonia and search results viagra prescriptions online Central Otago.

Growing Degree Days

The micro climate in the Bendigo sub region is ideal for grape growing. It is blessed with a cold winter ensuring total vine dormancy, a very warm summer accumulating an average of 1240 Growing degree days and a dry autumn, perfect for fruit ripening, flavour accumulation and harvest. Recent heat accumulation is shown on the graph below.


Average monthly rainfall throughout the vine growing season ensures strong shoot growth and bunch formation, however the real climatic strength is buying viagra in uk the average rainfall of less than 15mm during fruit maturity and harvest months of March, April and May.

Weather Station

Lamont Wines has a fully integrated weather station recording...

  • Temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Relative humidity
  • Rainfall
  • Growing degree days
  • Soil Moisture

... every 10 minutes This data has proved to be integral to the vineyard management practices and has introduced a new level of certainty to buy viagra iframe our crucial decision making.

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